"Hello mister police officer"

Sizes: S - XXL
Material: 100% organic cotton, fair wear
Print: handmade silk screen (Kuues Planeet print studio)

Available right now

PRICE: 28€

By purchasing this print, you support the Tartu street art exhibition "Hello Mister Police Officer".

The exhibition "Hello Mister Police Officer" tells a story about small-town Robin Hoods who bring art to the streets in order to make their environment more meaningful and personal. It’s also about the attitude of bringing the desired change yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you. The show looks at how street artists play with the laws through the prism of humour.

The traveling exhibition first opened in 2022 at the Neurotitan gallery in Berlin, Germany, and in 2023 at the NuArt Aberdeen festival in Scotland. Tallinn is the last stop of the exposition.

Lisa ostukorvi