Edward von Lõngus

"Weed Smokers"

Technique: screen printing + aerosol
Dimensions: 59 x 42 cm
Paper: 180 g/m²
Edition: 420
Year: 2019

Signed by the artist
Certificate of authenticity included

Edward meets Eduard.

Eduard Wiiralt's "Absinthe Drinkers" depicted the underground life of 1933 - drinking absinthe was forbidden at that time, but it was still widespread. At the time, capturing such a moment in graphics was like pointing the middle finger and saying "but we'll do it anyway".

A hundred years later, Lõngus makes the same parallel with smoking cannabis.

PRICE: 420€

Edward von Lõngus is without a doubt the most famous of Estonian street artists. Adding to the mystery, Lõngus never reveals his face and, according to the artist, he doesn’t even exist in physical form. Instead, it's a theoretical concept shared by all, the age of multiple identity reflecting off the information field generated by the vibrations of our collective consciousness.

Lõngus likes to play around with cultural codes, every art piece is charged with relevant issues. He stunned the public by receiving state support as an illegal street artist to tour around Europe for two years between 2017-2018 as part of the 100th Anniversary of the Estonian Republic.

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