Stina leek
"I think I smell a rat"

By purchasing this print, you support the Tartu street art exhibition "Hello Mister Police Officer"

Technique: Risograph print, printed at Peacock and The Worm print studio in the UK
Dimensions: 29.7 x 42 cm
Paper: 300 g/m²
Edition: 30
Year: 2023

Signed by the artist

PRICE: 35€

Stina Leek is a young freelance artist, the founder of the art group Ajuokse (Brain Vomit). Her work is characterized by thick, sinuous line graphics and abundant eyeballs. If she were to place herself stylistically, she'd consider herself a lowbrow artist.

For her, street art is a form of communication without direct contact or face-to-face interaction – it's every introvert's dream. It's a means of communication with other street artists, with the space surrounding their works, and with the people passing through that space. Stina emphasizes that her message is conveyed through both the created visual elements and the chosen location for the artwork – sometimes requiring contemplation, reflection, and even searching.

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