With buying this silkscreen print, you support the exhibition "Hello Mister Police Officer" taking place in Berlin 04.-25.06.2022.

Technique: silkscreen print, hand-made
Measurements: 30x40cm
Paper: 960 g/m² (thicker kind, doesn't crinkle)
Edition: /30

hind: 100€

​​KAIRO is a self-taught artist who considers 2009 as her starting point. She prefers the term naive artist as it aptly describes the abundance of colour and detail in her works, and a certain disinterest towards realistic depiction of anatomy, space, etc. Not to mention to signal the lack of a formal art education.

KAIRO is known for covering the utility boxes on her home street in the Supilinn district with gorgeous paintings. It wasn’t an obstacle that she had to act without permission nor having a child and stroller in tow while doing it. She often depicts autobiographical scenes of financial struggles, clashes between self-realisation and motherhood, memento mori and her personal bearded muse. 
Lisa ostukorvi