Sticker Shirt


Sizes: XS - 4XL
Material: 100% cotton
Print: digital print 

Waiting time 3 weeks

hind: 40€

Would you like to turn yourself into a sticker bus? This shirt is a 1:1 replica from the Släp! sticker exhibition on a van. The shirt is covered with hundreds of different stickers from artists all over the world. If you participated in the exhibition yourself, you might even find your own sticker on this shirt. In any case, it's an authentic presentation of the international sticker culture and the artists actively involved in it. You can stare at this shirt endlessly and still find new interesting stickers that you didn't notice before.

The Släp! sticker exhibition has been taking place since 2018, starting with the first version on a truck that didn't even have an engine. The next version of the sticker exhibition was on a fully functional van from 2019 to 2022, visiting over 40 different music and art festivals in Estonia and abroad. This is followed by the sticker exhibition on a city bus in 2024, where the bus covered inside and out with stickers travels around the city for a whole year. To visit the exhibition, just find bus line number 25, which runs between Tartu Railway Station and the Estonian National Museum (ERM), and hop on. It's also the largest sticker exhibition in Europe.   

Lisa ostukorvi