Edward von

"sure, koer"

Size: XS - 5XL
Material: 100% organic cotton
Print: silkscreen print, handprinted

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PRICE: 55€

The infamous artwork of Lõngus where Estonian Oskar Luts' "Spring" and Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction" are mixed together. The original is located on the wall of the local shop in Palamuse.

Edward von Lõngus is undoubtedly the most known Estonian street artist. Adding to the mystique of the artist's character is the fact that he never reveals his face, and according to him, he doesn't physically exist. He is a collectively shared theoretical concept, a reflection of the era of multiple identities in the information field generated by the oscillations of collective consciousness.

Lõngus enjoys playing with cultural codes, and each of his works is loaded with topical sharp messages. He astonished the public as an illegal street artist supported by the state, touring Europe for 2 years  (2017-2018) as part of the EV100 project for Estonia's 100th birthday .

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