SLÄP! sticker exhibition

Släp! is an international sticker exhibition open for all sticker enthusiasts of the world. To take part in the exhibition, just send us your stickers and don’t forget to include your artist name and social links. PS: we send packs back!

DEADLINE: 28th of May 2018


Salme 20
50106 Tartu

From all the stickers we receive:

  • ½ will curated to be a part of the Släp! exhibition during Stencibility Street Art Festival
  • ¼  will be put back into circulation as packs we send back
  • ¼  will be sold to support the exhibition

the exhibition instagram



Stencibility is first and foremost a yearly gathering of street artists from all over the world. We are inviting everyone to come join us and enrich Tartu with their creations. Stencibility OFF-Programme is basically a nice spraycation: spray+vacation = equal parts of work and fun. We offer 10 artists accommodation, paint and plenty of walls to fill as well as a bunch of cool people to hang with.

Arriving to Tartu, all the participants will be handed a map with marked spots available to paint without getting in trouble. No spot is reserved and we encourage to share the walls as we do it on the streets outside of the festival frames. The sketches are born on the spot to add some extra site-specificity. 


Thursday / 14.06
Free time to paint walls
Street art tour
Opening of the sticker art exhibition

Friday / 15.06
Free time to paint walls
OFF-Programme sketch night and networking

Saturday / 16.06
OFF-Programme trip to nature, a day spray painting in an undisclosed abandoned location

Sunday / 17.06
Festival closing tour and presenting the OFF-Programme works to the public


  • Fill out the form below to participate; 
  • Application deadline is May 1st 2018;
  • Stencibility will choose 10 artists to take part in the OFF-Programme; 
  • 10 artists will receive: accommodation in Hektor Hostel, dorm type room fitting 8 people (14.-17.06), spray paint (20 cans) and free admission to all the events of the festival. 


Kersti Joala
+372 5624 1054

Email again:
How will you get to Tartu?
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