In collaboration with hundreds of sticker artists around the world, we created the biggest sticker exhibition in Europe. How? By utilizing the biggest canvas available: a city bus!

We collected 25 000 stickers for the project from 300 artists around the world and put them in and on the city bus of Tartu. The show on wheels named “SLÄP!” continues driving on its daily route, picking up commuters in Tartu throughout 2024.

Why stickers?

Because we simply loooove them. Sticker is one of the tiniest street art forms and it rarely gets the attention it deserves by festivals. Every sticker can be a unique artwork with its own message, visual and a printing technique. With this exhibition we want to show the size of the worldwide sticker art movement and emphasize the worth of a sticker as an artform.

In 2018 we created the SLÄP! - a moving exhibition on wheels showcasing sticker art inside and outside. The prototype truck was bought without a working engine, so towing the exhibition to its opening event and back cost us more than the machine itself. Next year we got a beautiful red Ford Transit van to stickerbomb and most importantly - it could drive from one place to another without a tow truck. And we used this feature a lot - SLÄP! sticker van made it to 40 different art and music festivals in Estonia and nearby countries. It even made it to Berlin, which was our dream for a long time.

Photos: Maria Kilk